The Yoga Project in New York City - Sonic Yoga, Hell's Kitchen

Since I arrived, I've been trying to find out which yoga studio is right for me. New York is a real mecca for the practice, with its big free classes in Bryant Park, The Yoga to People movement and the fancy gyms. But, to me, the best practices are hard to find. Like sex, you have to be involved, sweat enough -just enough- and finish it feeling better than when it started. As I search for my yoga studio, I invite you to come with me. I'm very far from being an expert and only have been practicing in the last 14 months. Still can't do a headstand by myself or anything that requires that I lift my legs in the air on the side of my body, like that:

The first studio I visited in this experience was found during a search on Yelp for the best option in Hell's Kitchen, where I live and work. Sonic Yoga occupies 2 floors on a dirty walk up building on 9th avenue, followed by grocery stores and people drinking margheritas at the multiple mexican restaurants nearby. Came in the last minute, paid the USD18 drop-in + USD1 for renting a mat. The teacher was Lori, a blonde, tall e fit lady. I have to confess that in my first time, I never trust a teacher. She/he has to win me over in two very important points:

The class has a flow: how many practices have you attended where the movements don't seem to make any sense or you start to estimulate one part of your body followed by another and things don't link. As a dinner or a date, a class has to flow :)

The class has the right amount of difficulty: nothing bores me more than an easy class.

Lori wasn't energetic or positive, but she knew what she was doing. I finished the class feeling stretched and sleepy, which is always a good sensation after a tough day at work.

Sonic Yoga Entrance

People hanging out after class

The studio at night

Where to go:
Sonic Yoga
754 9th Avenue # 2
New York, NY 10019-8419
(212) 397-6344
Rating: Good

Update on my life - for the few of you interested on it!

I have been pretty bad on maintaining this blog. Life has been hard in the big Apple. I was trying to catch up on work, which is extremely fun and difficult, while training for a half Ironman. I did the race but the result was a disaster. You need your mind more than your body and it was painful to realize it while I ran between the wineries of Napa Valley without being able to see its beauty. Lesson learned. I am fucking back to business!