My personal Juice fast - Day 2

Wanna know what is it like NOT to have your cup of coffee on day 2? Headache, bad mood, kind of nausatead. The plan today was to run 30 minutes easy, followed by mango with protein and have the same potato/carrot/beet soup from the other day for lunch. Survived the morning. Between running errands and having my eyebrows done, got a Naked Green juice (they all taste the same) and headed to White Rock Lake where I did a 20 mile bike ride. Once home, spinach and eggs was my solid option. My legs needed it!

Cheating: had one coconut macaroon and 2 prunes!

My personal Juice fast - Day 1

Diets comes and goes. The one in vogue nowadays is the juice fast, because is supposedly the best thing to cleans your body and mind from all the shit we eat. After 3 weeks in Europe eating salami, cheese and wine -and mainly not fitting on any european decent size clothes- I decided that it was time for a reconnection between the beautiful me and the size 4 I have to be.

My main problems with a juice fast:

- I'm training for a 70.3 Ironman and trying to exercise 2/3 hours a day with only juice wasn't gonna happen.
- I hate the idea of only having something sweet over and over again
- I don't own a juicer!


- I would still throw in some gels, shakes for recovery and an occasional solid food if I felt weak.
- Instead of 4 meals being a juice, one of them would be a creamy soup. Without any cream, of course.
- I could only do anything that used a blender, one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

As I imagined, day 1 was FUCKING hard, even being considered a moderately healthy person. When you go from a diet of eggs-rice-chicken-wine-salad-cheese-occasional-chocolates to ONLY vegetables and fruits, your body will complain. Had a banana-strawberry for breakfast, just after my track run and ran to YMCA pool. For lunch: carrot/potato soup for lunch and snacked on a mango/cucumber juice followed by a 7PM yoga. Is this day over yet?!

Juice diet to begin: because I ate EVERYTHING in Europe

Anytime I eat too much, which is very frequent, I try to do something drastic. I know. Not ideal. In order to start a juice diet you should be detoxifying your body from all the other shit you have been eating, so that the contrast is not that much. But, what's the fun with that? So today I had pasta with bresaola and 1 liter of olive oil for lunch. But dinner, baby.. will most likely contain kale with cucumber juice. Stay tuned!

Is this the new title?

I know. It has been a long time since I last wrote here. I moved to Dallas, enjoyed some heat and meat, was amazed by twitter and its 140 characters. But I believe there is more to say. Now in english! Welcome back.