Moving to New York is such a bad idea

How many articles were already written about moving to New York, what to do, what not to do and most importantly, how to adapt to your new nasty minuscule apartment. I am depressed. First, I have to find a place with no broker fees. Than, I have to decide if I either have a sofa or a dining table. What kind of life is that? And this all paying 30% more of my current apartment, which is gorgeous and I can fit a dinner table and a sofa -as it should be.

$3155 / 2br - HUGE 2 BR IN A NICE CLEAN BLDG, NEW KITCH& 1 BATH/ROOF&TERRACE - (Murray Hill) pic apts by owner

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Vanessa said...

That's NY for you! I can give you a few names of ppl that might be able to help you out.